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Weihrauch hw110 power adjustment

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Read times. I'm getting worked up over purchasing either a HW carbine or possibly the new HW I like both. I want non-FAC power for ratting.

weihrauch hw110 power adjustment

Is it something I can change without tremendous effort? It doesn't appear to be adjustable which is the only reason I haven't pulled the trigger. Central Virginia. Is it this one? I sure like the looks. Whatever you get, should be nice. Central Texas.

Hi there, I have HT FAC in cal 24" barrel, cc cylinderand I tuned it to sub 12 fpe for much more shots on a fill and its just enough for any small pests to lets say 60y, or even further with good shot placement.

I don't know about adjusting non FAC, but on FAC version you can adjust hammer spring tension and regulator output as desired. I have regulator set at about psi but you may need a little more pressure if you choose different shorter barrel length. Hope this helps. EDIT: One video from my channel:. Bosnia and Hercegovina. Depending on the destination market,some HW are not adjustable due to some anti tamper devices.

Perugia middle Italy.

Weihrauch Hw110 Spare Parts

Hammerli PCP. SMF 2. Logged Central Virginia.Click here. HW Adjustable Trigger Blade. Natural Aluminium. CNC machined in aluminium and brass. All trigger kits come with a black anodised aluminium mount and the blade type of your choice. Kit includes blade assembly, allen key and fitting instructions.

Size Choose Please check your stock dimensions. The stock should be approximately 1mm smaller in overall height and width than the plate dimensions shown in the drawing. The kit contains the necessary hardware to re-fit the existing pad to give vertical adjustment. Details for fitting can be read here.

There is 40mm of downward adjustment. Larger photo of butt plate kit fitted on a HW rifle. The stock should be approximately 1mm smaller in overall height and width than the plate dimensions shown in the size selection. HW Barrel Band 2 hole Type Machined in Natural or black anodised aluminium and brass. Larger photo of black anodised barrel band. HW Gauge Cover. Slides over the gauge and held in position with an o-ring. The mounting diameter is Please check your gauge. Protects the gauge and reduces reflections when hunting.

The slot allows the gauge to be checked without removing the cover. Available in natural or black anodised aluminium. HW Hamster. CNC machined in black delrin with aluminium support posts.The HW STK is a scope-only rifle, and the cheekpiece is high enough to let you get a good head position behind your telescopic sight. The most obvious changes are the length of the barrel, the air cylinder and the forend, but a few other tweaks have been made too.

The STK, which is expected to be available in gun shops as you read this, will initially be offered in a choice of. Downsizing can mean sacrificing one or more features — usually shot count — in order to create a smaller package like this.

So why would you want a gun like this in the first place? In cases like these, a regular-sized rifle can be just too long and too heavy, and picking up something smaller and lighter could well be the way to go.

Just like the regular HW ST Soft Touchthe ambidextrous stock of the STK Soft Touch Karbine is wood with a soft overcoat, making it feel grippy while protecting the woodwork underneath by shrugging off the worst of the weather. Having said that, teenagers and slightly built adults will certainly appreciate the reduction in weight to 2.

As with the ST, scoping up the K is taken care of via a polymer Picatinny rail. A small section of Picatinny rail, this time made of metal, is attached to the forend — primarily for fitting a bipod, but it could just as easily be used to mount a torch or laser. As with the ST, the trigger guard and blade of the STK are also made of ballistic polymer, while the magazine release lever and safety catch are metal, but this time finished in black instead of natural metal.

The trigger blade has a very shallow curve and a slightly rounded surface. Anyone shouting out for a metal blade should really give this a try first as I found it a delight to use, feeling comfortable under the pad of my finger and giving great feedback. The trigger itself was similarly well-behaved. Trigger-pull on the test rifle was set to a very light First-stage travel was clean, coming to a definite stop, and second-stage let-off was predictable and crisp. Anyone shouting out for a metal blade should really give this a try first.

Inserting the loaded magazine into the action of a can feel both a little stiff and a little tricky at first, but the action gets slicker with use, and muscle memory soon takes over with practice. You need to cock the rifle, leave the sidelever open, then simultaneously hold the magazine release lever up while slotting the mag in from the right, after which the lever should click back into its rested position.

Before you start shooting, turn the mag clockwise it can only be turned one chamber anti-clockwise until you see the marker appear on the left-hand side of the action in a position that you can easily recognise.

The indexing system prevents double-loading, and works extremely well. The only way you can end up double-loading is by user error, if you open the lever and manually rotate the magazine when one pellet is already chambered. Weihrauch includes its standard moderator with the STK. Shouldering the STK is a real joy, with the point of balance immediately under the trigger guard with the scope I had fitted.

This neutral point of balance, combined with its diminutive dimensions, makes the STK a fast-handling little rifle. To load the magazine you need to cock the rifle and lift the magazine release catch while slotting the mag in from the right….

Shooting the STK is also a joy. Some rifles fight you at first before settling down to become good performers, but this one felt right and functioned well from the outset. Mine weighed 9. A shot string put over the chrono showed a variation of 4. It performed well in the accuracy stakes too, with sub-five pence piece groups being easy to achieve when the rifle was shot rested.

The full-sized HW ST delivers a factory-stated count of shots in.It's not illegal to buy or sell that kind of thing, it's only illegal if you're cought with a gun that's able to shoot over the limit if you don't have an FAC. Its illegal to sell something that would take your gun over power.

weihrauch hw110 power adjustment

Because that could be for anything. It's the buyer's responsibility to make sure it stays legal, Craig. For example, anyone with a large, mainly German springer can go online or into a gun shop and order an export spec spring with no questions asked. Who have you been talking to???? The last time I had a run in with the law, the bobby just asked me 'did I need a licence for that gun?

They're not all like that though Oops, double post. Not wanting to open a can of worms but reading this thread there seems to be two very different 'opinions'. Does anyone know for a FACT that it is illegal to be able to alter your air rifle power, i have searched the Internet and all i have managed to find is that the rifle should not be over 12ft lb and the buck stops with the current owner, no word about be able to alter the power.

weihrauch hw110 power adjustment

This is the first thread i have read where people are saying its illegal to be able to alter the power, i am just wondering can anyone point me in the right direction to read this factual information for myself. Also why would the police try and alter the power??

One more thing that could well be wrong but don't older pre AT S's have some kind of hammer spring adjuster screw that is easily adjusted without stripping the rifle, and they aren't illegal. I am sure they would ask what it was it was doing there! You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 2 of 3. Recommended Posts. Report post.By safcDecember 16, in Airgunners. I am thinking of a. Have considered other rifles but this one seems to fit my budget, has a good enough shot count and hopefully is reliable. On paper they look like a winner. They're wide ranging, but pretty consistent:. Those last four are coming up pretty frequently on the fb page and they're needing to go back to Hull Cartridge for the fixes, which is a pain.

The magazine catch is also really fiddly. It's a cracking rifle when working in full order. It's got a great feel to it and, being a carbine length, it's very pointable. The shot count is fantastic. Try one out.

I think they're a bit of a marmite gun, because of that magazine catch. I really like mine, but I have a feeling it's about to go back again. It refuses to cock when the side lever is pulled back. Blimey, what's the big struggle with producing reliable pcp's these days? All I ever read about is problems with just about every make an model The HW is a bit of a move away from the traditional in many ways.

They've ditched the standard metal block in favour of a polymer one to cut down weight. It's also a completely new gun inside. It's not a babyit's an altogether new machine, especially that block design and the regulator, which has been reworked to be even more consistent so inevitably there will be teething troubles.

The polymer block has had a huge impact on manufacturing costs, which is why it's comparatively cheap for the amount of gun you get.

Weihrauch HW110 power adjustment

The barrels were just an unfortunate whoopsie and didn't only affect thebut all models too. Me neither. I happen to know that they've been planning the HW for a few years, and didn't want to release it until it was absolutely ready.

But most of that time must have been spent on getting the new design of block right, because there's no way they could have done a proper job on everything else! It's had almost as many problems as the BSA R10 mk1 had! The saving grace is that each problem is being fixed; I'm not aware of any going back for the same fault more than once, it's just awkward if yours happens to go back five separate times for each fault!Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. Help on a HW anyone please? Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Results 16 to 26 of Thread: Help on a HW anyone please? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Can I ask how long back this bad batch goes if anyone knows the reason I ask is I'm on holiday at the mo and can't check my barrel but I have the exact same problem with a new HW bought in January Life is like a toilet roll, when you get closer to the end, the quicker it goes.

I had to return my as it wasn't grouping. The RFD tried three others on their range and all were the same. I opted for a ks which will not group either. All had the unfinished screwcut on the barrel. RFD has promised a new barrel this week and at least Hull Cartridge are admitting a fault. All s I've had in the past have been spot on. This shouldn't have happened but it is getting sorted.

These doggy barrels have been going on a few years now. Not had a chance to zero either at the moment but presume both will suffer the issue then? Originally Posted by Jas. If its the barrels as illustrated with a shortfall of thread Is this just a feature that applies to the faulting barrels It must be something more "irregular" A few things spring to mind Are barrels being farmed out?

Why would they knowingly suddenly short thread their own barrels? Are they tested or just assembled?

HW100 power adjustment

Would like to screw the silencer off the ones that have been reviewed in the mags and have a look So I aint jumping on the hate wagon! This shouldn't have happened How many have "fell out with their new rifle" if its had to go back This will I believe have a fair impact on sales Who wants the hassle of taking a new gun back I think theres only one left to go in the hat Maybe I aint read enough I haven't read anything bad about AArms Tin hat on waiting for deluge of AA problems!!!

So will it be I will see what my buddy gets from Weihrauch I have a few brands of rifles, both spring piston and PCP.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. HW Thread. Last Jump to page: Results 31 to 45 of Thread: HW Thread. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by lensman The block is made of weapons grade Polymer. It is tougher than steel and lighter than Aluminium. To call it Plastic is rather unfair.

The downside of it is that one can not really mess with these. Still, it is best to wait and let the users do the reviews. I'd rather have the proper wood against my skin. I am sure that before long custom wooden stocks for these rifles will be selling like hot cakes.

Regards, A. Originally Posted by Deltawing. I've heard the stock is still wood its just been wrapped in the plastic coating. Hides the machining marks I imagine it might be possible to peel this coating off and those capable could then give the wood a nice finish.

weihrauch hw110 power adjustment

Don't ruddy bet on it Personally I like the black stock it will be nice to have something different. I already have rifles with wood stocks, laminate stock, heck my high end Feinwerkbau is both metal and plastic. Come to think of it the Webley Alecto is very plastic think of the force it takes to give it that 3rd pump!

The above also leads me to think is it possible to do anything on the HW apart from adjusting the trigger ect, or will it need to be return to HC for any work to be carried out and that could be expensive outside of warranty. The cost of needing to replace these could be off set by the reduced manufacturing costs. Still this is just a concern for now. Join Date Aug Location manchester Posts 7, Originally Posted by derekj.

I know what you're saying re. It's probably the OCD in me I reckon. Originally Posted by KeithS. I'm not keen on anything about the it's plastic, ten shot, to me it's a step backwards. Anyway time will tell on that one. As for HC I have found them awesome. Originally Posted by Seamaster. What is strange is this feckment about regulators. For years the airgun press has insisted that the is unregulated when everyone who knows anything about it knows that they are regulated.

I've disassembled and reassembled a HW regulator myself. Now the press say that the is unregulated yet every press release from Weihrauch says that it is. It will be, I'm sure and people who don't quite know their bums from the bendy bit in their arm will swear it's not. What is with this regulator thing?



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